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When Kinetic Lights Need to be Installed?

kinetic key positioning

What to do if you want to install new light switches in your apartment or house and the repairs were completed long time ago? At the same time absolutely do not want to reconstruct the walls, remove suspended ceilings, to installing new cables, gadgets, etc. Is there a way out of this situation? Well there is, and it’s absolutely inexpensive. All the expenses you can make is to buy the kinetic light switch. In this case, you will not spend a penny on new wires or stick another hole in the walls.

What’s in the package and what is the price tag when you want to buy led kinetic light switch?

kinetic key switches

You can program the self powered device on such a key chain and control the light from it. In fact, you are buying a ready solution and the installation costs are minimal. They have one, two and three buttons. The kinetic switches can be mounted on the wall in two ways: on an existing lighting switch or in a brand new location by screws or by sticking to the wall. It is not necessary to have through the entire room new wires, so the owners’ fantasy is not limited by anything. The installation height also can be any, so if necessary install a wireless self powered switch, where the child can reach it if it needs lighting.

Ideas for installation in the bedroom – on the back of the bed, on the bedside table, at the door of the wardrobe – in any place where you can reach with your hand from the bed. Thanks to this kinetic device, you will not have to wonder in the dark looking for the key if something has to be found or just read.

kinetic key connection

The most important component of the remote wireless switch is the powerful radio module. In size, it is nothing more than a matchbox. Thanks to this, you can place it anywhere – in the old switch boxes, behind the chandelier fixture where the wires are connected, in the ceiling, and so on. But most often in the hood of the chandelier is the best place to be installed. A voltage of 220 volts is supplied to the radio module and through its contacts and relay is transmitted to the lamps.

On one module, it’s easy to connect multiple switches – one, two, three, four without any difference. You can control the lighting not only from 3 points, but from anywhere in your home or apartment. To create such a scheme in traditional way, you will need a bunch of extra cables and many new holes in the walls.
The elements of the radio-controlled switch are the transmitter and the receiver.

types of kinetic switches

The transmitter generates and transmits power when the control panel key is pressed. The energy impulse is processed and transmitted in the form of a radio signal, which is then captured by the receiver. The control panel looks simple, but it’s a high-tech device whose control scheme is very complex. Depending on the purpose, it can not only turn the light on or off, but also adjust the brightness of the light source (whether incandescent or halogen).

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