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  • Wireless Light Switch Receiver with small size can easily fits into existing wiring boxes, like light fixture canopy, electrical junction box, existing switch box, surface mount
  • CE, FCC, ROHS, CQC Certified, no electric leakage probable. Support any lighting source, CFL, incandescent, fluorescent, LED lights, etc. Also can work with ceiling fans, TV, electronics devices, appliances
  • No signal interference between receivers, signal can go through walls, 229ft wireless range indoor and 1900ft wireless range outdoor, receiver wired between power and the device you want to control, neutral wire required. Wide input range AC 80-150V or AC 150-275V
  • Wireless switch receiver need work with Wsdcam remote switch to remote control lights or appliances on/off, remote switch sold separately
  • DIY paring wireless switches and receivers to control multiple/one lights in one room or across the entire house


– Works with any lights like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED light.
– 433mhz, transmission distance 0~70 meters/229 ft Indoors and Approximately 600 Meters/1968 ft in outdoors open space
– Voltage AC80-150v, mixed load power 1000W, working Temperature -40 ~ +70℃.
– 400 thousand times for the receiver
– Less radiation than the smart phone and WIFI devices
– PC material- high stability and flexibility, flame-resistant and reliable
– Receiver size: 39x23x22mm/1.54×0.91×0.87inch


  1. Erik S.

    This small device worked incredible for exchanging a 6 LED light crystal fixture. Little enough to fit inside the round ceiling electrical box. Goes ahead in a flash when the remote switch is squeezed. Extraordinary option alternative to hiring an electrician and new holes in the wall.

  2. Very Happy Customer

    Great. Very Very easy to install it

  3. Husband

    Remote control light module is perfect for adding a switch to a ceiling light.

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