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  • Add wireless wall switches to lights without wiring – Create a switch for lights which don’t have switch or no wall switch, like pull chain light fixture, ceiling lights
  • Relocate light switch without tearing walls – No pulling wires to your switch location, no tearing walls, easily remodel your existing switches location
  • DIY paring wireless switches and receivers to control multiple/one lights in one room or across the entire house
  • Elegant Design & Super-easy Setup – Small receiver easily fits into wiring boxes like canopy, junction box, electrical box. Instantly create a switch anywhere you want or use as portable remotes. Self-adhesive/Screw-in installation for your choice
  • CE, FCC, ROHS, CQC Certified & No Batteries & Water Resistance – Self-powered switch by CR2032 button lithium battery, 20 years lifetime, no wiring to power, no electric leakage probable. IP54 waterproof, works great at wet environment like bathroom, outdoors


  • Works with any lights like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED light.
  • 433mhz, transmission distance 0~70 meters/229 ft Indoors and Approximately 600 Meters/1968 ft in outdoors open space
  • Voltage AC80-150v, mixed load power 1000W, working Temperature -40 ~ +70℃.
  • Encrypted connection, no signal interferences between switches.
  • Switch with CR2032 button lithium battery, IP54 water resistance, up to 20 years lifetime.
  • Switch button life 800 thousand times, standby power 0W, fireproof lever VO
  • 400 thousand times for the receiver
  • Less radiation than the smart phone and WIFI devices
  • PC material- high stability and flexibility, flame-resistant and reliable
  • Switch size: 86x86x11mm, receiver size: 39x23x22mm


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