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  •  EXPANDABLE & COMPLETELY WIRELESS kinetic doorbell system is suitable for any door of your home or business. Receiver unit plugs into an outlet and the battery-free transmitter adheres to the door frame with 2-way tape. Add on extra receivers (PE-R) or transmitters (PE-T). This is Model: PE-Base
  •  KINETIC DOORBELL PUSH BUTTON generates energy (without need for batteries) to create a wireless signal. Never miss a visitor because of a dead battery. With an IP44 waterproof rating, our transmitter is weather-resistant for all climates.
  •  150-METER RANGE with a single transmitter unit. To increase the range to up to 400 meters, purchase additional receivers or transmitters and increase to your network. Power consumption is less than 0.2W per unit.
  • 4 VOLUME LEVELS (50-80db) accommodate babies and light sleepers. Choose from 32 musical tones. Make volume and music selections easily with 2 buttons located on the side of the plug-in receiver.
  • EASY TO INSTALL and implement. Components are factory paired for your convenience. No tools are required as the kinetic push button is affixed next to the entry point with included double-sided adhesive tape.


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