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  •  Independent Dual Switches – Multi-switch operation enables you to control 1 fixture with 2 independent switches
  •  Wireless, Easy Installation No Wiring Between Switches and Receiver/Switches and Lights . The previous switches can be replaced by this unit directly(Sticker is included in the package)
  • Long Distance Signal Transmission – The indoor effective range between the transmitter and the receiver is approximately 0~40 meters /131 ft(It is effective through 1 wall) ; and 600 Meters/1968 ft in outdoors
  • Note:  1. Signal can go through 1 wall, NOT iron wall; 2. This switch has NO dimmer function; 3. Switch is Waterpoof. But the receiver(size: 1.6*1*0.9 inch) is not waterproof. It can be put into canopy, electric box, junction box. 4. FCC Certified

Product Specification: 

– Voltage: AC 80-150V
– Material: flame retardant ABS
– Power: 1,000w
– Remote control distance: outdoor 600M/1968ft, indoor 40M/131ft effective(through-wall)
– Remote control mode: radio frequency
– Receiver wire length: 11cm/4.3inch
– Wireless Switch Battery Model: CR2032
– Gross Weight: 175g/0.0.39lb
– Wireless switch: Weight–72g/0.13lb; Size– 8.5*8.5*1cm/3.3*3.3* 0.4inch
– Wireless Receiver: Weight–31g/0.07lb; Size–4*2.5*2.3cm/1.6*1*0.9inch
– Packing size: 11*11* 5.5cm/4.3*4.3*2.2inch


  1. Michelle King

    We live in an old farmhouse and have a very hard time getting electrical run in the walls. These are awesome because you can add them to any light fixture and need no other wiring. We have several of the single switches on different lights. We just finished our upstairs and needed one switch upstairs and one switch down stairs for the same light fixture. These worked great!

  2. Mary L. Baker

    Totally pleased with the switch and receiver. It took about twenty minutes to try and do the connection for a ceiling lightweight. Once the connections were created, and therefore the power back on, and therefore the sparks settled (OK, that was a user error 🙂 , not the switch), it works nice. I solely connected one aspect for now, the opposite is watching for a brand new lightweight fixture.
    The switches has fairly low profile so that they don’t stick out way. They’re solid, not flimsy, and have a top quality look.

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