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Kinetic Switch – Pros and Cons

Kinetic Switch

Energy in nature can be harvested from many sources – water, wind, solar, heat, fuel, etc. These belong to the powerful energy sources that bring enormous economic benefits when used. There are other energy sources, the so-called micro-energy sources, which at first glance don’t seem to have economical benefits to extract and use them. They include all forms of kinetic energy.

People have over the years learned to use kinetic energy to their advantage. Examples are automatic watches that use the kinetic energy generated by the movements of the person wearing it. Gathering energy generated by machine vibration can be converted into electricity. Also electromagnetic waves in the air can be transformed into electricity again. Although the collection and accumulation of this type of micro-energy is extremely difficult. So when kinetic energy is used more, than we will see a drastic reduction of using exhaustible energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and saving the Earth!

The main feature of the kinetic switch is the presence of an energy generator that generates electricity when the switch is pressed. The energy impulse is converted into a radio signal that is received by the receiver. Despite the obvious simplicity, such switches are high-tech devices that include miniature but very complex circuits.

Pros of using kinetic wireless switches

The main reason why wireless light switches became so popular is that they can be installed in absolutely any place and surface without wall repairs. For installation you do not have to smack the walls and connect the wires.

  • the adjustment of the lighting can be done from a distance;
  • huge range distance – up to 2000 feets (600m);
  • the battery free switch is completely safe for children and animals;
  • reliable and durable;
  • the brightness of the lamps is regulated by dimmers therefore the lamps are illuminated very smoothly, which saves electricity and prolongs the life of the lamp itself;
  • saving money and time for installing it;
  • control multiple lights with one switch

Cons of using kinetic wireless switches

  • cheapest Chinese switches have poor radio signal
  • the initial investment is slightly big

In conclusion these kinetic switch keys are more expensive. They are much easier to install than the ordinary switch keys. In addition, wireless switches can be placed anywhere without having to plan their location during repairs.

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