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What is a Kinetic Wireless Self Powered Light Switch?

self powered switch for lightning

Since the American Thomas Edison has invented the incandescent electric lamp, it has been over 140 years. For nearly a century and a half, over the last decades, the bulb, which is warmer and less bright, has not only gone a long way to perfecting the modern ultra-economical and virtually never eternal LEDs, but will soon remain in history. New innovation without wiring, but self powered switches are on the horizon.

kinetic key connectionHowever, each lamp needs a power switch. It is only in recent years that new technologies have found their place. Keys and remote control lighting systems emerged. It was by direct control of the light source, either by replacing the classic mechanical power switch with a new one, which can be additionally controlled remotely and it’s self powered.

Remote control is undoubtedly convenient, but like all home-mounted devices, its price is steadily rising due to the need to periodically buy new and new batteries. The replacement of the classic remote control switch is also a partial solution because it preserves the dependencies typical of the classical hidden electrical installation – carving holes for mounting the console box for the key and the branch, cutting or kicking a channel in the wall between them, in it a corrugated pipe, greasing and plastering, passing the cables.

kinetic switch works trough walls

Chasing the grooves and cutting openings is not a nice job, even in a brick wall. If it is filled with ceramic blocks with thin and fragile walls, the problem gets worse. In the presence of a reinforced concrete panel, the task becomes almost impossible.

In the case of completed construction and habitable premises, any change in the location of the lighting switch poses a serious problem. With new construction, the possibility of significantly simplifying the electrical installation by denying the classic and now technically dismantled mechanical key saves time and money. Enables easy changes in the future. And such are inevitable, for example when reversing the direction of opening the door, placing heavy massive cabinets that hide the key, differentiating corners in the room, even when moving the bed.

types of kinetic switchesThat is why, with a great deal of interest, we have come to know a brand new, unique, patent-protected lighting system by means of one or more electric switches. They can be placed in random places inside or outside the room, because it’s self powered switch. Fasten or glue them directly onto a wall or other suitable surface, such as a bedside table. They are fitted with two screws or by gluing with a double sticky tape.

The kinetic key manages the contactor (controller) wirelessly, which manages the luminaire.

The most unique in these keys is that they do not need a source of electrical energy, because they are battery free. The key produces energy by itself to activate the signal transmitter when the button is pressed. So the manufacturer called them “kinetic” self powered switch keys. The effort to push them is minimal.


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