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The birth of kinetic switch

Traditional switches require complex installation – available electrical installation, waste of materials and time, drilling and grinding, laying of corrugated hoses, cables and cable boxes and key installation. For more than 140 years since the invention of the light bulb, the keys have not evolved due to technology limitations … to this day! We present you the kinetic switch.

kinetic vs traditional switch key

The birth of the wireless  kinetic switch, changes the traditions and creates a new era in the industry! Mechanical kinetic energy is generated by the familiar pressing of the key. Generated kinetic energy is converted into electricity that is used to send a signal to the lamp controller. From now on, the keys no longer need to be wired. This completely solves the problem of difficult and expensive cable routing and provides the ability to change the location of the keys to the user’s wishes at all times. In addition, up to 10 self powered switches can be used, depending on the needs. And if this is not an innovation …!

The kinetic light switch resolves a problem, that has existed for more than 140 years. The problem of installing the keys at specific locations predetermined by the existing installation in your home, the existing wiring, and the inability to change and choose. The impossibility of expanding or improving light management to meet changing needs, renovating, reordering, changing the design or concept of the room, shifting, new ideas, striving for greater convenience .

Economic benefits

kinetic key positioning

Besides the nice and easy use of kinetic keys, they also have another huge advantage, compared to the products we know until yesterday – save money.
You save from everything. As a starting point from an extra cost to the construction builder, who has to comply with your wishes. Than will have to make a design of the electrical installation and detail each point where there will be a key. To reach the electricity to the keys requires cable, cable boxes, cable corrugated hoses, dirt, dirt, putty, putty. Moreover, when using wired switches, you can never change the concept or add new ones without further grinding and dirt and costs.

According to construction company data, a 2700-meter cable for powering the light switches is used for a 5-story building. Recently battery-powered wireless switches are wasting 50,000,000 batteries in one year. After these scrambling figures, surely everyone has realized what revolution really are the kinetic keys – innovative, comfortable, economical and safe for you and the environment.

Everyday our life is filled with a numerous actions and processes to deal with everything that surrounds us. Innovation and technology pushes the world forward, opening new horizons and refraining our ideas. This product not only changes our habits but also makes consumers a part of social progress.

No wires, no batteries, no special skills

You no longer need to be so skillful and have a huge range of tools to do something simple. Forget about breaking, holes and wiring. Also there are available other battery free products: kinetic doorbells and kinetic outlets.

how works the kinetic key switch

The kinetic switches are not only comfortable. With beautiful kinetic switch plates design, they are safe and make it a real delight in your home. Secondly, kinetic switches are fully human oriented. Whether it is a small child or an elderly person, anyone can handle this technology without difficulty. Imagine whatever you do at home – washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. Now you can safely use any kinetic switch without worrying that your hands are wet. Unexpectedly these light switches will turn into your most faithful assistant.

The Perfect Combination Between technology and design

kinetic key switch design

It’s not important that one thing just works, but it looks good too – great designs of the kinetic switch plate. Although we are all fascinated by the functionality and innovation of kinetic keys, we can not remain indifferent to design and quality craftsmanship. Their design combines the traditional look of our familiar keys mixed with modern and stylish radiance. The wide range of patterns and colors will give you the opportunity to choose exactly what you want and will satisfy every taste. The quality workmanship and the excellent choice of materials make the product usable for generations ahead. About 60 years operating period and over 200 000 switches without any maintenance or replacement of batteries!

Over-reliable coding protocol

In conclusion For any electrical equipment, reliability is extremely important. To ensure the reliability of the transmitted wireless signal, our communications protocol uses multiple technologies. As we know, there are too many ultra-complex high-frequency radio signals in the current environment. That’s why we use a sophisticated algorithm and a 32-bit encryption protocol that ensures the reliability of the connection. Thus, even if all users in the state use our keys, there will be no recurring codes and wrong actions. Each time when the button is pushed, an encoded signal is sent three times before to be accepted and the action is executed correctly.